Who We Are


Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit

Our Mission is to be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and heals the world.

Ribbons with the name of every American Soldier lost in Iraq and Afghanistan


Our congregation is a Beacon in our community.  We minister both to our members and friends, and also reach out to those in need and with our voice and action in our community, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Among the things we can feel proud of:

  • Sunday and other alternative worship services that invite us to go deeper and to consider what makes us human and how we can live our lives more fully and in increasing service to the world;
  • A community that welcomes people of all beliefs, sexual orientations, and backgrounds because our faith asks us to draw the circle of love wider;
  • A membership that inherently understands that something of significance happens in these walls which inspires a spirit of commitment and shared endeavor beyond our walls leaving no one a “spectator” in this faith community;
  • renewed commitment to caring for our people in times of need through ministerial presence and member support;
  • A community that celebrates its children and youth and demonstrates it with their loving interaction and financial support of these programs and staff;
  • Religious education for children that exposes them to the depths of Unitarian Universalism and the breadth of other faith traditions so that they grow up knowing who they are and respectful of the dazzling array of human religious life;
  • A large youth program that empowers its youth to give voice to their generation’s calling while also being inherently connected to the voice and vision of the larger congregation and faith movement;
  • Adult Education that is beginning to lay out a plan for each person’s journey to spiritual maturity as well as deepening our connection to the roots and branches of this faith they were either born to, or chose;
  • Concert-quality music that takes seriously music’s role in the movement of the spirit and heart and mind;
  • Opportunities to enjoy one another in meaningful conversation, in play, and in action that re-affirm the bonds of a caring, trusted and safe community;
  • Ongoing witness of the human toll of war as a reminder of the price we pay for our nation’s wars and to honor those who served us faithfully.
    Outside our walls we can be proud of even more:

Multi-generational Learning

  • commitment to our Unitarian Universalist Association, both regionally and nationally, both in service and financial support, to sustain our faith movement into the next century and beyond;
  • long-standing partnership with the Unitarian Church in Barot, Romania that has strengthened that congregation, its marginalized ethnic community, and its future ministry;
  • long-standing partnership with HomeFirst which addresses the needs of the burgeoning homeless population in Union County with temporary shelter and a year of transitional housing for a family;
  • long-standing partnership with local Food Banks and SHIP (Summit Helping Its People) through food-drives, monthly dinners and financial support to feed the hungry;
  • An four-year partnership with Irvington answering the call for support to Chancellor Avenue School and the city of Irvington;
  • burgeoning partnership with the UU Legislative Ministry of New Jersey with leadership, office space and leading financial gifts;
  • An award-winning partnership with the UU Service Committee, in which we funded a women’s shelter in a Darfur refugee camp, purchased oxen to support 118 people as they re-settled their homelands, and most recently, funded a camp for orphaned girls in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.
  • multi-generational service trip to New Orleans which provided financial support and on-site sweat equity to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina;
  • Immediate financial response to Doctors Without Borders after the crisis in Haiti;
  • Celebrating our Centennial Year through outreach and service, raising $100,000 of funds and goods to support education locally, continentally and internationally.


Recognized as a Breakthrough Congregation by the UUA in 2010.

Recipient of the first-ever UUSC Social Action Award in 2010.

Designated as a UUA “Leap of Faith” congregation in 2010-11.