Our Mission and Vision


To be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and heals the world.


Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit is a religious community that values each individual’s spiritual journey, and offers joy and inspiration for living with purpose.  At Beacon, our ‘Welcome Table’ offers diverse theologies, as well as a mix of generations, sexual orientations, cultures, classes, ethnic backgrounds and races. Our Table is rich in love, and inspires us to commit to:

–  Satisfy the human yearning for beauty, connectedness and awe; giving voice to a rich, religious pluralism.

–  Encourage deep searching of life’s unanswerable questions, while honoring the mysteries of life.

–  Be renewed by the gifts of one another and the sustenance we each offer. We celebrate that which connects us.

–  Grow through acts of generosity and leadership, for those who are here now, and for future generations to come.  We were all once strangers at the table, and we see it as our duty to prepare a place for others.

– Prioritize, in our lives, the challenges of justice, peace making and sustainable living.

Our ‘Welcome Table’ draws us to be in deeper touch with what it means to be human as we engage with and learn from one another.


The Strategic Planning Team

Roger Anderson
Ellen Boylan
Laura Buoncuore
Susan Kuney
Becky Sinden
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern
Rev. Kim Tomaszewski
David Wagner