About Emilie Boggis

Emilie is the Assistant Minister for Youth Ministry at The Unitarian Church in Summit. She is currently trying to make it through one conversation without mentioning her love of Transylvania and our partner church.


How to Respond

Rev. Emilie Boggis, preaching. Reflecting on the book Healing Conversations, and considering how to respond to loved ones and friends, acquaintances and strangers when words fail us.    


May 25: Memorial Day

Rev. Emilie Boggis preaching:  As we honor and remember our soldiers lost in war and life after war, we reflect on the ways our presence provides a recipe for healing.  


Kim’s Farewell And Celebration: There In Spirit

It was a tough meeting. A month ago, as we took in the news that two of our ministers would be leaving UCS, the staff gathered to set dates for farewell sermons and parties. The end of the congregational year…
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It’s About Protecting Children

This morning the three top messages in my email inbox concerned children/youth and Gun Violence Prevention. I am intimately connected to this issue. I wonder if you are too. My oldest daughter was also a first grader when the Newtown…
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Karma Kitchen Hosts A Mother’s Day Brunch, 10 – 11:15 am

Karma Kitchen is hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch! Come Sunday, May 11 to our Mother’s Day brunch! We are having one seating at 10 – 11:15 am in Fellowship Hall. If you are first service, come afterwards. If you are…
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Coming of Age Sunday Featuring Louis CK

Ok so the comedian Louis CK isn’t going to be speaking at Coming of Age service this Sunday (May 4, 9:30 am/11:15 am). Last week, during his opening monologue for Saturday Night Live, Louis CK gave his thoughts on the same…
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Active Hope For Our Planet: May 31

Many of us do our part for the planet. Nevertheless, we can easily become overwhelmed by the challenges before us. There is hope. The “Active Hope” workshop will help us face these challenges together. It will occur on Saturday, May 31,…
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