Living and Loving Proud

For the past several months, I watched and protested while the state I live in, North Carolina, openly debated the dignity of its transgender citizens.  It began with a non-discrimination ordinance passed in Charlotte, North Carolina that was among 225…
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NJ Muslims Condemn the Mass Shooting in Orlando

Through the Summit Interfaith Council, UCS has sent our support to our local Muslim neighbors. We are publishing the letter that they have issued (see below). As we have already seen from the news, many of our Muslim neighbors are…
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Listening To The Divine Voice

As a practicing Pagan for many years, I always looked forward to winter. It was such a welcomed shift from my hectic, over-programmed life to a slower pace in all things.  Allowing my body and mind to reflect the cycle…
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Diwali, Post Diaspora

My post from 2011, reposted today. Happy Diwali! When I first came to the United States, I had just turned 23. It was the late 1980s. Beginning a master’s degree in a small liberal arts college in New England was…
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Self-Compassion In The Face of Violence

This week I have been sitting with the violence that we continue to do to one another. In the morning as I rise. In the evening before falling to sleep. In the quiet moments of the day. I have been holding it…
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Meditation on Yom Kippur

Today we honor Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the year in the Jewish calendar. It is the last of ten days that centers upon fasting, prayer and penitence. It is a sacred time to dedicate body, mind and…
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Spirit in Practice – Fall Registration Ends September 22nd

CONNECT through Spirit in Practice Circles  Are you seeking a sense of belonging and meaning in your life? Are you looking to slow down and live intentionally in a face-paced, frantic world? You are not alone. Engage in Spirit in Practice Circles.…
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