Church Directory and Member Information

Beacon members and friends – want to stay better connected with our congregation members and friends?  There’s an app for that!  More than that, we have a church database with lots of capability.  You can:

  1.  Look up contact information for members (our church directory)
  2. Check on your contact information and update it
  3. Set your cell phone up to receive group texts (always handy in emergency situations like snow storms!)
  4. Upload a picture of yourself or your family, so other members can recognize you
  5. Check on your pledge record and other church donations

How do you access this treasure trove of information?  Go to the Members section of our website.  There are short tutorials on setting up a login for the church database and performing simple tasks.

As far as the ‘app’ – our database is tied to an app called Church Life.  You can download it onto your smartphone. It will always have the latest contact information for our congregation members.  You can call, text, email and use your phone’s GPS functions directly from the app.

If you are a church leader and have a group or team that you would like to contact on a regular basis, from one place, you can set up a virtual group.  You can also use the database to record event signups.  For these and other uses, you can always reach out to Karen Jackson at for more information.