Rev. Emilie Boggis, Minister of Congregational Life

Stewardship is about taking care of what we value and helping it to grow.  In defining what is important to us and making a place in our lives for contributing our time, talent, and treasure towards this, we are empowered to make significant change and to lead more meaningful, spiritually satisfying lives.

At UCS, our stated mission is to be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and heals the world.  We are all stewards in the fulfillment of our mission. We call our members to share in the responsibility of doing everything we can to actualize our mission, by tending our people, physical spaces, and activities.  We do this by contributing our monetary resources, and by sharing our time and talents to the best of our current and often changing abilities.  Through our stewardship, we affirm that fulfilling the mission of our congregation and our greater UU movement is a guiding principle in our lives. The Unitarian Church in Summit is an inherited trust, and as stewards we care for it in our time, to honor those who came before us and to build a legacy for those who will follow us.

“My experiences at The Unitarian Church in Summit have changed my perspective on my place in the world, what it needs and what I have to offer, very much for the better. It gives me great pleasure to financially commit to UCS to help provide for its good works.”

~ Joe Parsons, member


UCS Members and Friends

The Unitarian Church in Summit is a community that we invest in ­ not a commodity we purchase. Unitarian Universalists are governed by each member of the congregation. As members we are stewards, or caretakers, of our faith, our values and our congregation. We understand stewardship to be the shared responsibility of all UCS members to embrace our mission, participate actively in congregational life, and sustain our spiritual home. As stewards we pledge our time, our talent and our treasure in support of our own congregation and the larger movement to which we belong. We welcome, we teach, we listen and care for one another, we work for justice, we care for the building and grounds, and we give financially to sustain this vibrant community. All so that our mission may be a lived reality in our time and in the times to come. And we do this sacred work with purpose, reverence and joy.