MADRE, assisting Yazidi woman and their families

We began last year exploring a partnership with MADRE which works with their progressive partner, the Organization of Women’s Freedom (OWFI) to assist Yazidi women and their families seeking refuge and recovery. Our community raised $18,500 to support a shelter and rape crisis center in Iraq.

This year, after receiving news that the genocide has continued against the Yazidi, we committed once more to raising two offering plates dedicated to OWFI’s vital work. On February 12th at both services, we were joined by Yifat Susskind, the Executive Director of MADRE. Our plate collections on both February 12th and 19th were dedicated to the work of OWFI.  The entire service on February 12th was dedicated to the stories, struggle and survival of the Yazidi.

Watch the powerful February 12 service on Livestream for more information.   Forward to 22:15 to hear from Erik Solberg and Yifat Susskind about this important organization, and 58:04 to hear from Gary Nissenbaum.

Donations to this appeal have ended.