Sunday Offering

Generosity on Sundays


Generosity is a weekly practice in our congregation. At our worship services, everyone is invited to contribute financially to the vibrant ministries of our congregation through our offering. We know that our acts of generosity allow others to be served by our congregation, as we are served by our congregation. It is an act of gratitude.Throughout the year, our congregation regularly gives away its offering as a donation to other non­profit organizations that are grounded in our mission and values. We donate to international outreach, Unitarian Universalist organizations (such as UU Service Committee and UU Legislative Ministry
Uganda3of NJ) and local interfaith initiatives. In addition, our offering supports an “urgent need” fund which allows us to contribute financially to emerging crises immediately, such as Hurricane Sandy. Our Social Action Committee researches, vets, and selects the organizations. They consider factors such as the organization’s track record, their scope of their outreach, and its status as a non­profit organization. They also consider transparency on how our congregation’s contributions will be used and their willingness to partner with us to promote their cause.


Our most recent collection raised $7,645 for The Charcoal Project and their project with the Rubaare Foundation in Uganda. The Charcoal Project, located locally in Brooklyn, was recommended by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves ­ United Nations Foundation.

Our donation made possible the purchase of three large and one small clean cookstoves on their main educational campus, as well as three large clean cookstoves for their primary schools. The contributions also covered the transportation of the cookstoves to and within Uganda. It’s amazing how something as simple as clean cookstoves can transform the health and well­being of so many people’s lives and our planet!

Since we began collecting the offering for Social Action causes in 2006, The Unitarian Church in Summit has donated $153,704!