Online Payments

Welcome to online giving!

You can pay online donations either through Vanco or through Paypal. The paypal button can be found on our home page on the right hand side.

Click the Donate Now button to make a payment through Vanco.

The church has arranged with Vanco Services to process online payments.When you go to a payment page, you are interacting with Vanco as the church’s agent, not the church itself. Creating a profile at Vanco allows you to:

  • avoid having to enter your personal information every time you schedule or change your pledge payments and
  • change a recurring transaction plan or view/print your own personal transaction history without assistance from the church office.

Currently creating a profile at Vanco is optional, but we encourage you to do so to save yourself time in the future.

If you have already created a profile at Vanco, you can simply log in using the form on the top right of the first Vanco page. Otherwise, click the “Create Profile” button in the bottom form on the right of the first Vanco page.

When creating a payment at Vanco, please use the 10th or the 25th as your start/end dates. This will ensure your pledge is processed most efficiently.

Make sure to choose the correct pledge year for your payment.

You may specify one-time, weekly, or monthly payment frequencies.

Click here for help with online giving.