Moving Towards Peace

In October 2007, members of the congregation voted overwhelmingly to take a public stand and approve a Moving Towards Peace Statement and

Ribbons with the name of every American Soldier lost in Iraq and Afghanistan

Resolution, which calls for an end to the war in Iraq and harsh interrogation techniques tantamount to torture.

A number of initiatives have been undertaken to promote our Church’s public stand:

  • Showed the documentary “No End in Sight”
  • Started a Peace Library
  • Sponsored a presentation by producer-director, Anisa Mehdi, a Muslim who had just visited Iran
  • Hosted a presentation by U.S. Marine David Samuel
  • Publicized the showing of Taxi to the Dark Side directed by Summit resident Alex Gibney
  • Developed a separate group to function as a liaison with the UUA on Peacemaking
  • Created, designed and hung the Human Toll of War wall of ribbons to honor the U.S. military who have been killed in Iraq.
  • The ribbons were retired during a special commemoration service on Memorial Day, 2012.

For more information on the Moving Towards Peace Statement and Resolution, MTP initiatives, press releases, and upcoming events, click on the links that follow.

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