Partner Church Program

Choir Members visiting our Partner Church in Barot, Transylvania

In 1992, our church began a partner relationship with the Unitarian Church of Barot, Romania, in the Transylvanian region where organized Unitarian congregations stretch back to 1568. Beginning after the fall of Communism, we helped the Barot congregation build one of the first new Unitarian sanctuaries in that country since World War II. Our continuing financial contributions fund university scholarships for Unitarian students from Barot, a jobs program for unemployed Barot members and an after-church coffee hour. Members of our congregation have visited Barot and its minister Rev. Alpar Kiss, forming warm friendships while staying in homes of Barot members. In 2008, the Summit choir and friends made a concert tour of Unitarian areas of Transylvania, visiting and performing in Barot over 5 days. We raise funds for our programs with a highly successful Pancake Breakfast each October.


To celebrate 20 years of our partnership, over the summer of 2012, church members are invited to participate in a summer trip to Transylvania. To read more, see the post by Rev. Emilie Boggis.

Jean Crichton, chair of the Partner Church Committee, speaks about the history of our relationship with the Barot Church.