Racial Justice

12006204_1673211206259095_5111803481648297790_nUCS has a long-term commitment to racial justice and exploring the effects of white privilege on local and national levels.  Our Unitarian Universalist faith CALLS us to say that black lives matter.

Our Racial Justice Task Force’s goals are to promote racial justice awareness in our congregation and in the wider Summit community through exposure to both historical and current racial injustices and to lead the way for The Unitarian Church in Summit toward a more diverse, multiracial congregation.

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Want to get involved?

  • Take a stand! On April 10th, UCS members will vote to take a stand on Black Lives Matter.
  • Join Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in Summit: Along with our partner, Pilgrim Baptist Church in Summit, each year we present readings of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches in conjunction with the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in the City of Summit.
  • Work with UU Legislative Ministry of NJ who sees racial justice at the heart of all of their core issues and is working to dismantle racism.

Racial Justice Task Force