• Rev Robin Tanner with the UCS Search Committee

    Rev Robin Tanner Is Our Called Minister of Worship & Outreach

    On Sunday, May 22nd, The Unitarian Church in Summit (UCS) voted in favor of calling the Rev. Robin Tanner as their Minister of Worship and Outreach. The congregation cheered and clapped with thunderous joy as Rev. Robin returned to the sanctuary and accepted the … [Read More...]

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    UCS Sends Letter in Support of Renewable Energy

    UCS SENDS 80 LETTERS TO LEGISLATORS IN SUPPORT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY UCS members will send 80 letters to the Chairman of the NJ Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee, Wayne DeAngelo, urging him to support the Renewable Energy Transition Act (RETA). This … [Read More...]

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    UCS Votes to Affirm Black Lives Matter

    Using blue ballots, UCS voted unanimously at a special congregational meeting on April 10 to take a stand affirming that Black Lives Matter and pledging to oppose America's "stain of racism." Longtime member Claudia Cohen led a concerned group within the congregation … [Read More...]

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    Our Minister of Worship And Outreach

    ......Rev. Robin Tanner! Rev. Robin was called to serve as Minister of Worship and Outreach on May 22 by members of The Unitarian Church in Summit! … [Read More...]

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    UCS Raises Funds for Women’s Shelter

    SUMMIT, NJ - Seeking a way to help victims of Islamic State persecution, The Unitarian Church in Summit has raised $18,000 to support a shelter and rape crisis center in Iraq for Yazidi women who escaped abduction by members of the ISIS militant gtoup. The women’s … [Read More...]


    Barot Group To Visit UCS This Summer

    Plans call for a group of 10 adults and youth from our partner church in Barót, Transylvania, to visit UCS this summer from July 28 to August 8.         The tentative list of travelers includes four high school age youth, one college student and five adults, including … [Read More...]

  • Daring to dare

    Trusting to Dare, Daring to Trust….

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeJhRRUXXOQ&feature=youtu.be … [Read More...]


UCS Goes to North Jersey Pride!

After a Pride based worship service, join UCS members and friends in Maplewood at our the annual North Jersey Pride Festival. Please email or let Tuli know if you are interested.    


Podcast, May 22 – Called Home

Join the Rev. Robin Tanner as she speaks about the meaning of home and being called to be in covenant with a beloved community. After the service, Rev. Robin was called as Minister of Worship and Outreach by the members…
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Watch the Service and Vote to Call- Livestream

Join us on Sunday, May 22nd at 9:30 or 11:15 am for Rev. Robin Tanner’s second candidating sermon.


Over 70 People Watched Our Livestream! You Can Too!

Don’t miss out! You can watch both the first Sunday, MAy 15,  with our Ministerial Candidate Rev. Robin Tanner, as well as this coming Sunday, May 22, right here on our website. Over 70 people watched the first Sunday.


Podcast, May 15 – True Grit

Join our ministerial candidate, Rev. Robin Tanner, as she explores what it means to take the can’ts, won’ts and shouldn’ts we hear every day as challenges to live a life full of “true grit”.


Rev. Robin Tanner’s Second Sunday with us


Sweetser, T? Tea for More Than Two

Will you be there? Time to RSVP for the pot-luck farewell tea for Rev. Terry Sweetser on June 4 at 5:00 pm. Bring baked goodies to share. RSVP to Tuli by email or phone. Stay for the youth group coffee…
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