Feeding the Spirit

Youth Group 2009 Co-Leaders

Welcome to Religious Education at The Unitarian Church in Summit! We are glad you are visiting.

We consider education to be a lifelong process, and offer a variety of programs and small group opportunities throughout the lifespan.

Children, youth and adults gather throughout the year to further explore their beliefs, deepen and fulfill their thirst for spirituality while in covenental relationship with one another.

In the words of Angus H. Maclean, “Religious Education is for us, a creative conversation carried on between our children, ourselves, and the life that surrounds us…..It is an on-going adventure and has as it’s purpose the molding of a certain kind of person. This person, one who can think fully and act responsibly, is shaped not by theological dogmas but by ethical qualities. We want to help create children, youth and adults who possess strong inner resources of courage and hope; who will seek truth through rational independent thought; who will form an intelligent and devoted attachment to the church; who will be acquainted with our universal religious heritage; and who will become persons of broad sympathies and deep compassion for all people.”

1st Graders Exploring Their Inner Conscience

If you have any questions please contact Laura Beth Brown, our Director of Religious Education, or Rev. Emilie Boggis, our Minister of Congregational Life for questions and information related to youth. You can find their contact information on the Contact Us page.