Spiritual Growth for Adults

No matter your age, we find ourselves seeking deeper meaning in life. At UCS, our primary path for spiritual growth is through Spirit in Practice Circles. These small groups offer all of us the gift of listening more deeply to life’s big questions and discovering our own answers through the stories and experiences of others. We recommend you begin with Spirit in Practice.

UCS also offers classes and workshops, study groups and pilgrimages for you to engage more deeply in spiritual themes. You will discover opportunities to deepen your reading of scriptures or your experience the religions of the world. How does your study of faith develop your emerging spirituality?

Our engagement and learning also impacts the actions we make in our world. You will find opportunities, for instance, to engage in soul work on racism and privilege or in eco-spirituality. How does your spiritual journey inform, inspire and move you to heal the world?

If you have any questions or want to talk about what group might be best for you, contact Rev. Emilie Boggis.

If you have an idea for a new small group or class OR feel the calling to lead a group or a class, contact Rev. Emilie Boggis.

We welcome you on this journey.