Strategic Plan


In 2011, the Board of Trustees at UCS resolved to engage the congregation in a visioning process designed to create a five-year Strategic Plan. Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a communal planning methodology that focuses organizations on what is working and how to build on those assets, was chosen as the basis of the process.

The decision to use AI was grounded in the belief in the power of many, over few. We believe our best ideas come when we conceive and act on them together. While we understand that large group discovery processes can take more time than other methods of decision-making, we view the many benefits that will flow from our collaboration as worthwhile.

The Strategic Planning Team, which concluded its work in June 2013, included the following members: Roger Anderson, Ellen Boylan, Laura Buoncore, Karen Damato, Susan Kuney (chair), Becky Sinden, Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Rev. Kim Tomaszewski and David Wagner. The team was fortunate enough to have the advice and counsel of consultants from long-time UCS member, Paul Belliveau and from consultants, Executive Soul who guided them through the process.

After a two-year process, which included participation from over 175 members, the Strategic Planning Team created a five-year plan to be our congregation’s guide in realizing our mission and vision. In June 2013, the Board of Trustees brought the Strategic Plan to the congregation at our annual meeting which was unanimously approved. We invite you to read our 2013-14 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Planning Team concluded its work in June 2013.

The Board of Trustees then established the Strategic Implementation Committee to oversee the implementation of the plan. In our first two years, we focused on goals in theme-based ministry, small group development, music, stewardship, communications, technology and social justice. Such growth has emerged from the process! Now, in our third year, our Leadership Team, which is composed of our ministers and executive director, lead the implementation of our strategic plan in partnership staff, congregational leaders and committees.