Location & Parking


Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, located on the corner of Springfield and Waldron Avenues, bookends our lively downtown.  We are in walking distance to the train and bus lines, restaurants and shops, the farmer’s market, community activities, and other houses of worship.  We are also blessed to be a part of a family-friendly neighborhood that frequents runners, children learning to ride bikes, and the neighborhood of pets!

Our Address:
4 Waldron Rd
Summit, NJ  07901



Because of our great location near downtown and alongside houses, we are also met with some parking challenges.  We encourage our members, friends and visitors to use public transportation and city parking lots. When driving to Beacon, please keep the following in mind:
  • Utilize Summit Downtown Parking sites as your first choice.
  • Be mindful of neighbors’ driveways when parking. Remember that we share this community and want to continue to be good neighbors.
  • Be mindful of others who also need to park. How much room do you actually need? Can another person park in front or behind you?
  • Police enforce parking regulations in Summit. If you block a driveway, you will get a ticket or get towed. There’s nothing we can do!
While Beacon owns the parking lot to the Funeral Home next door, the spaces are not available for parking at any time during the week as the lot is leased to a commercial tenant. Unless otherwise noted by the Beacon office, all unauthorized vehicles will be towed.