Becoming A Member

Becoming a Member of

The Unitarian Church in Summit

Meaning of Membership

At The Unitarian Church in Summit, our members share in the ministry of our faith community.  This means that every person helps shape, expand and contribute to our shared mission and ministries within our sanctuary and out in the larger world.

Benefits of Membership

Here, we offer opportunities for growth, engagement and acceptance, religious exploration for children, youth and adults, and the support and comfort of an open and caring community.

As a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, you are able to participate in congregational votes, shape the life and mission of the congregation through your commitments, and identify with a community that challenges and encourages its people to practice their highest ideals.

New Members Being Welcomed by Ministers Vanessa Rush Southern and Nicole Kirk

The Four Expectations of Membership

I.  Your Presence

Your presence is vital to the life of our congregation.  Participating in the worship life of the church and finding a small group to belong to will deepen your spiritual life and enrich our community.

In addition, at UCS we come together to uphold, encourage, and care for one another.   We are here to celebrate with you during times of joy and to provide compassionate companionship during times of crisis or sorrow.  As Unitarian Universalists, we covenant together to be present to one another.

II.  Your Generosity

Member contributions determine our operating budget.  Unitarian Universalist churches are self-governing and self-sustaining.  We are free to call our own ministers and develop our own mission and vision and style of worship.  We are also solely responsible for supporting the life and work of our church.

We believe that we live our values through our commitments.  To give to the church is to invest in an inclusive, caring community, devoted to service and searching theological inquiry.  As contributing members of our congregation, you help make these ideals a living reality.

Members not only financially support UCS, they are also generous with their time and talent.  Knowing that we are stronger together, we depend on you sharing your unique gifts.

III.  Your Service

Our faith tells us we have the capacity to make the world better.  Our members commit to serving our community and the world at large.  We are available to help you make that commitment.

In addition, many tasks and activities of the church community are not done for you but by you.  The church needs helping hands as well as hearts and minds.

IV.  Your Spiritual Growth

Joining this church is a significant step in your spiritual journey.  Our members commit to deepening their spiritual growth through worship, teaching, spiritual practice, education, justice work and service.

How to Join

Newcomers to The Unitarian Church in Summit or to Unitarian Universalism are encouraged to participate in a three-phase program which gives an overview of our community and faith.

Talk and Tour is a lay-led tour around our building and grounds, offering a sweeping overview of our church and what it offers.  Talk and Tours are offered twice a month on the first Sunday of the month, after the first service, and again on the second Sunday of the month, directly after the second service.

Fresh and Direct is a 90 minute discussion led by our Assistant Minister for Congregational Life on Unitarian Universalist History and Theology.  This quick trip through our past is also a great opportunity for newcomers to ask any questions about The Unitarian Church in Summit or Unitarian Universalism.  Fresh and Direct is offered every other month beginning in October with times to be announced.

Join and Grow is a two hour exploration of our personal religious histories, theologies, and who we hope to be as members of the UCS community.  Join and Grow also covers the benefits and expectations of Membership.  At its conclusion, you will have the opportunity to sign the Membership Book, if you wish.

When you become a member of our church, you become part of a growing, living institution.  Our community is one of offering and receiving, supporting and nurturing, exploring and growing.

Yes, we want and need you to get involved, worship with us, and grow in your spiritual life.


We invite you to join us.