The Flaming Chalice

The Lighting of the Chalice by Ministers

The Symbol of the Flaming Chalice

The Flaming Chalice, a Symbol of Our Faith

Like many UU congregations, we light a candle inside a chalice at the start of our worship service and we often use a flaming chalice as a symbol for our congregation.

Here is a chalice lighting we frequently recite together:

We light this chalice
for the light of truth,
the warmth of love,
and the fire of commitment.

We light this symbol of our faith as we gather together.

The flaming chalice is widely recognized as a symbol of Unitarian Universalism and of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an organization committed to advancing human rights and social justice around the world.

For an explanation of the flaming chalice’s history from the Unitarian Universalist Association, click here.

Lighting the Chalice and Striking a Centering Gong